Shipping & Delivery

All shipping and delivery will be processed within the estimated lead times, as per the details specified on each product profile (See ‘Additional Information’ on each product or service profile page for further details) or as per details provided via written communication, purchase order (PO) or on submission of an official invoice. If there are any expected delays, we will contact you to provide all relevant information and will provide you with the opportunity to make a decision on the latest available information at your disposal. Lead times do not include delivery and all relevant information such as tracking details will be communicated via your online user account, if applicable. All shipping/ delivery costs and any additional costs pertaining hereto have been excluded from the product and/or service pricing. Delivery cost, if applicable, will be verified on ordering once we are fully aware of the relevant details, such as the type of product/s or service/s on order, total weight and volume, distribution point/s selected by you, verification of your delivery address and any other details influencing the delivery of your product/s or service/s.

‘Virtual or downloadable’ products or service confirmations will be made available once all payment necessities, policies, terms and conditions have been met. You should receive a confirmation e-mail on completion of an order and will be able to download ‘downloadable products’ from a link sent via e-mail (order confirmation) or from your online user account.

Any third-party logistics, selected by you, is solely your responsibility and you are to take ownership of all aspects and costs pertaining to delivery, insurance, time frames or any other detail that may influence your order, serviced for delivery by a third-party.

Returns & Replacements

The provision of goods and services are subject to availability.  In cases of unavailability, we will either provide you with the opportunity to amend your order or refund you in part or in full within 30 days of cancellation.  On cancellation of any order/s by the client, with exception to availability and/or pricing adjustments without prior notice, we will reserve the right to a CANCELLATION FEE (Percentage administration fee) of 10% per order. This cancellation fee can be waived, but only at management’s discretion.

All supplier returns, replacements, warranties, product and/or service policies, terms and conditions apply as per the details provided on the relevant profile page/s – See ‘Additional Information’ on each product or service profile page for further details.

Customised orders or services, which have been approved in writing, and are subsequently cancelled by the customer, will not be cancelled/ refunded. All payments paid are non-refundable on the start of production for customisable orders. We will determine the start of production.

All quality assurance disputes that are outside the scope of any acceptable industry standards will be attended to and rectified as soon as possible (on the manufacturer’s/ supplier’s account). Neither the supplier nor we will be responsible for resolving quality disputes that are considered to be within the accepted industry standard.


We will assist you as best we can to get your orders through as quickly and effortlessly, as possible! You can both create an online user account, if you do not already have one, and process your order online by adding your required products and/or services to the shopping cart and completing the check-out procedure. Or you can e-mail your requirements to us, including all relevant details and we will process the order on your behalf. If you are e-mailing us an order request, please include all relevant details pertaining to the order (type, quantities, colour, delivery address etc.) and also include product reference details such as the name, SKU or reference number and preferably links to the relevant products or services on our website.

In order to create an online user account, click the following link:

To log into your online user account to view or edit your account profile or to request a ‘forgotten password’ to be sent to you via e-mail, click the following link:

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

A ‘sale’ is as per our policies, terms and conditions and those of our suppliers, service providers or any further written communication sent prior to or during an order process. All payments, policies, terms and conditions need to be met within the specified timeframes in order to for a ‘sale’ to be valid and legally binding.

All online pricing and promotions are subject to change and/or availability, as per the latest information provided by our suppliers or service providers, in writing. Pricing and/or promotional amendments may be applicable prior to or during the processing of any order. All pricing (increases or decreases) or promotional adjustments will be communicated in writing, if and when applicable. Any pricing adjustments that occur on the site are applicable with immediate effect and past pricing may only be agreed upon in writing with senior management.

Viewing Orders

To log into your online user account to view or edit your account profile or to request a ‘forgotten password’ to be sent to you via e-mail, click the following link:

Updating Account Information

To log into your online user account to view or edit your account profile or to request a ‘forgotten password’ to be sent to you via e-mail, click the following link:

Please note all information needs to be fully and accurately completed on account registration, ordering or amended with immediate effect, if and when required. It is your sole responsibility to accurately register all relevant details and to amend any information, when required. Failure to comply will be to your detriment.


Please note, you can either  Contact Us to provide feedback on products and services you have received or you can add a ‘Review’, as per the ‘Review Link’ found on each product or service profile page – Go and rate the products and services you have received!